Ever present everywhere—One Love Do You Know who I am? With World Peace and Wellbeing for all ever of me, I carried it all my life, but I did not know who I am, till I finally was able to heal myself by seeking peace, freedom and my natural creative self. I woke up to realize who I am, as the only comfort I would understand, of all of you. I have a long story to share that naturally unfolded, as if I knew what had to be reawakened in me, as it opened. I am not myself without the vast embrace of all life as normal. Life in all it's Glory and Simplicity, Heart and Soul. Peaceful Rapture, Joyful Light of Love for all my Children as are the the Animals too;  Miracles—Teacher--Intuitive—Healer—Heavenly Singer—Animals Communication—Artist—Writer of the Spirit of Life, Coming Back Naturally to yourself--Ancient History Remembered as you stand with me. All my Old Souls, my Children--I hold your Light Within me, and Love you dearly. It is my hope you remember me and feel—Welcomed Home--Joy and Comfort—World Peace and Well-being is Eternal. In celebration the Light turns on very quickly. I am Patricia Marie Babin I have many things on my mind to begin this journey of World Peace together. Join me to heal your hearts, mind, body and soul from 1pm on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Donation button is above, if possible, is how I want to Offer to you--your Kindness in return. Please call 207-271-0796 if you have a question or offer of assistance. In 282 Scotts Hill Rd East Machias Maine