Ever present everywhere—One Love Do You Know who I am? With World Peace and Wellbeing for all ever of me, I carried it all my life, but I did not know who I am, till I finally was able to heal myself by seeking peace, freedom and my natural creative self. I woke up to realize who I am, and found all of you. I have a long story to share that naturally unfolded, as if I knew what was in me, to be reawakened, by the need to heal, and simply be myself; there is much more still to be opened. I am of Miracles—Teacher--Intuitive—Healer—Heavenly Singer—Animals Communication—Artist—Writer of the Spirit of Life, Coming Back Naturally to yourself--Ancient History Remembered as you stand with me. All my Old Souls, my Children--I hold your Light Within me, and Love you dearly. It is my hope you remember me and feel—Welcomed Home--Joy and Comfort—World Peace and Well-being is Eternal. In celebration the Light turns on very quickly. I am Patricia Marie Babin I have many things on my mind to begin this journey of World Peace together. Join me to heal your hearts, mind, body and soul. Donation if possible. Please call 207-271-0796. In 282 Scotts Hill Rd East Machias Maine

 This picture is of self flowing art from myself and therefore Heaven.  This drawing isRecent Ancient Art of Spirit or Soul Deep within Myself-information of our past- What do you see? Would you Post a comment on my Blog page, if you see what I see as this is important to us all. Please share with others. Very Important. 

The Hill of Humanity 

This painting has a long story. I started it in 2011 and kept working on it, and/or changing it as I went along--for 6 1/2 years. I chose the theme by a tiny picture in a book about wildflowers. It called to me to begin the long time inner call of wanting to be joyfully the artist I felt called to be, yet did not feel any confidence about what to do, nor that I would have any talent at it. This picture was chosen carefully for that reason, and as I went along with it, it became noticeably much more.

     It showed a message in it, I saw the flowers as I painted them to be telling me something.  The picture drew my attention in that inner instinct way I have, of knowing something before I know it. I saw something in this picture; it was a repeated design of the flowers in wedges. I got a note book out, and tried to draw the lines I saw. I realized in that moment that something tried to divide you all from one another. I knew in my constant connection and communication with Home, and that the reason for the painting was to teach in a gentle way, to express in my Heavenly instinctive way, what happened at the crucifixion of Christ.

   My inner call has many facets and folds in me,as it took many efforts to get clear to me, I finally heard what I needed to hear for many years one day at the sea… “to write softer in the garden about Christ”; but it turned out to be much more than that… therefore also to paint much more of all history as softer understanding, in order to heal hearts all over this world as my natural self that I am and have always been through history with you.

    As I was painting this, I was becoming more and more aware of who I am. I had a very hard time growing back into being your Mother, due to what kept coming at me, after what had happened to me holding on to all of you, in the state of lost understanding you all held. You nearly lost me, and the Earth. I hope you take that to your hearts gently and genuinely, as it is true. As I grew back, I was holding all of you, and still under a great deal of pressure, by the misuse of the light you are made of, held within my body and spirit, and you my loves, being confused, about all the blessed radiance you are made of, backed up on me, CONSTANTLY--barely able to have a moments peace, is no exaggeration.

  In addition to that, I got furious for you, for all the pain and sorrow I have carried about you in my love for you all, my children. In my heavenly way; I knew more of what happened to me, Purposeful effort to divide my children from one another, and me. That was what caused hate in this family. Our family was born and created to be naturally full of unconditional love. “Natural” --meaning no other thought or way was contemplated until the light fractured and non-light got in and on the people.  It is a lot to tell, but I knew that painting these lovely flowers, with a feeling of what happened at the Cross, as I feel in me personally remembered in visions and, even in my instincts about life now.

 As of you, I was painting you all back as One Family. So there is some mystery in the hills, toward that end. The painting carries messages in it. In the hills, the sky and the flowers.  It is a longer standing problem however as I stated.  This is hugely so, of 27,000 years of unrest and indescribable harm (on your old souls of 2,000,000 years).  It has a trail back that far before Christ was born… I am saying, Christ was not supposed to die, it hurt everyone when that happened. There is much more you don’t know about things as they happened, as records were challenged through the ages and you see that in discoveries of The missing Gospels of St Thomas for example and much more. Egyptian information not left clear, or The Dead Sea Scrolls being found hidden. Why? To preserve them for the people to know what happened. Therefore on this day, no matter where you were as an old soul, the light was stolen in the hate expressed to Christ, yet the problem is older than then.  The non-light purposely divided you; it affected you all. It has been spoken to me many time—“A chess game, a checkers game” to relate how the Non-light affected you all, influencing and overtaking many who fell. It had a plan to create another world war that was the beginning of the end, and would then become much worse after that, and used you all to do it. For thousands of years this has gone on. Not only in wars, but poverty, illness, accidents, hate, prejudice, depression, despondency, loneliness, abuse and neglect of each other.    

        Of the animals and people and the earth. The food system, and more… it got in and it spiraled to the state we are in now. In 2012, I stopped the track you were on, by speaking and training you from within my very being. I felt many of you awaken shyly, in not seen but dearly felt, I felt you my family, in my company. I see you in other ways also, and have helped you as such that way too. I have a lot to share with you as this story is nonstop for me, 24 hours a day for thousands of years, and it is always and forever about saving you from this thing of non-light… taking light and affecting your feelings. Every low, negative feeling is not what you are made of; it is unnatural for you to be less than wonderful. Read the two descriptions or prayers I have written on my website on both sides of my picture. One is from me, and the other one is similar but worded for you to speak. https://www.iamtheoneoflovewhogaveyoulife.org/ 

It is to about life forever and being back together forever and ever.  This is all about you and the animals as family. About what happened to the earth as well. We can move it all back to what we truly are. The earth included, and need to move quickly to save it. We need each other very much-- can you help?

This piece I named Fracture Light of Old , flowed from me of me--My Ancient Oldest Wisdom natually opens in some form of perfect line up. It is called...


 Fractured L  ight Of Old,


is this book   Of Ancient Worth Electric in the now. For Freedom’s Journey-long waited for, now in a Rush for this time here on Earth. Like none other—and that is important, because anything I write –of Oldest Light Is my freedom.

           Of old is this book, of ancient Knowledge, disbanded or misunderstood. Of 27,000 years – and only on humanity since Queen Mother Aset in Egypt—ancient knowledge detached, in a fracture of the light, at the time of Aset/Isis in Egypt. 27,000 years it fractured, a filament of broken light, that was continuous and full of Love. Simplicity and Great Joy, Protection-Freedom within these perimeters—was disturbed for the last 27,000 years. One tiny fragment of misunderstanding –Drove the light that surrounds Life—the Beings of the Light—of Hearts, all inclusive all Life—all hearts. Origins of family—freely of  People. And of the animals? They stayed with the heart.  Some of the people, allowed that tiny fragment of indecision, to move them away from “Home”.

To have faith one more time in Aztec. For a later book to be disclosed. As to hold the Light Solid next to God, an uncomplicated Heart with Visons of Spare Wonder. Became You—Patricia.

  That fracture grew in a spiral of more indecisions, and that light, that once was solid and free—moved into not light – Not Human –not of opulent Rainbows for 27,000 years. All on Humanity but affecting all Life—eroded the Wellbeing of the Earth.


—It spiraled in a continuous vein to the now. –Along that path of history, we always had dedication to the Light—to freedom and a passion for eternity on Love. Many have been on that path to gain back the light in totality, or in my words, “Heaven to Earth IS NORMAL”.  People are 2 million years old—yes.  There is no time off Earth –that is an agreement here—There is development through the ages—all the animals for example are OLD SOULS—like the people – People were never supposed to ignore the light, the heart, never supposed to die in any hardship—They                 

Just leave and return in Peace—those were the people –oh so many buried in hardships. Hardship was Never meant to be –You are all the children of God. I’ll mention for your case—that the word “God”-- been misunderstood for that same spiral I am about to explore a bit more. God in truth –is in every heart—Of a parent, of Father or Mother, of the holy union of the spirit most clearly is the light of the heart.

Really not clear enough in Religions, yet they try to express it. Try to go simpler, as a parent of great love for your wellbeing,—and on fun or ease.

   Of the purest essence of life—so simple and vast. Of Loyal, Joyful children, the richness, of great worth is normal for each of you—{the children Caine and Able –had a trumpet} The children individuals –the animals—all over the Glorious Earth. It is Rich inside each of you.

   Precious Wisdom on a journey to get YOU—Patricia—back to that continuous Light—No Fractures instantly. The spiral did what spirals do, grew, and indecisions turned into many things not of the light. I need to liken the wondrous light with the expression of the heart, Or the mind all on wondrous feelings, knowings and expectaions.

   That is God’s Children in essences. 27,000 years ago Is a blink in the time that you have existed, Always one plan to put the Light back together and save all Life from depletion—I am of OLDEST Light bringing you all back together—again; freely as myself, powerfully lovingly in charge. It will surprise you how Cherished and uniquely human the connection is to God, and sweetly ever so personally so; by Home, as the only one, who created--All Life—all peoples, all animals of every kind. I carry the flame of eternal order. I carry the Universe within me for you all. Life is a precious gift to all—truly cherished by all beings of the Light. I said ALL beings. What would that Mean? What of that fragment and that spiral of Worthless loss; of Wondrous natural expectations.

  It meant great sorrow to me, to Beings of Light. It also means the cause of my developing through all of that worthless harmful, Spiral—I poured the Light all over the spiral for 27,000 years of History to Gain back the the Light and offer, the Inner knowing of what the heart + Mind are challenged by.  It is not natural. For all this uncomfortable energy on this glorious planet—where you live—not at all. That spiral –gained momentum and took you all away from simple clean uncomplicated truths. Oh how you, Patricia their mother, have been instinctually trying to find answers of what happened to these truths—in the midst of low tones –or anything you just can’t understand is not the light.  Never was what Life is made of.  Miracles, or It is NOT the way. When you feel unhappy; Or jealous/envy or scared, or angry, or depressed, lonely, or even the hustle and bustle of Life. The surround feelings of lost ones who do not recognize that they count –some are animals. This is not the way. What happened for there to be; That have for a perfect example, animals lost to their instincts –How a precious dog or cat, goat or horse with the spirit of freedom, and love, or even the simple function of, say, grazing in a field –could Lose instincts; not even of survival at times?????

   Instincts of Balance –NO harm-- Even tones of Life are normal. I think anyone could easily see that –Look in books of how animals used to be handled and loved, appreciated for their help—sustained and never; ever to allow them to lose spirit of life –even when giving their offer of their own life for other needs—NEVER to take the spirit of Life from them, the spiral of fractured light is NOT NORMAL

Patricia Marie Babin

In The Roses



Of the Roses

Through the Ages

Of My Heart

So Dear.
The Bouquet of all the colors
Collected of all the years

The ever presence of my freedom
Vastly Cast there upon​

All the children and animals,

the Heavens and the Earth
Is my Eternal Song

The loving strength
Within me returning
 From what was “Not”
Of the light

Is …Now
Of Heaven
  on Earth Again.

In rapture of  love 

nearly Lost

“I am"
I am

Patricia Marie Babin 5-26-17 



Feeling alone most of my days

From birth to middle years

Depths and widths                                                

I walked in it’s veil.


What crisis is this?

A second look.

I have uncovered truths

Unending and constant


Suddenly lonely was not the foe

I opened my heart and

Became it’s friend

Loneliness and I


Days on days

Endless and vast

Loneliness beside me

Loneliness abides me


Tonight I see through

A tiny ray of light

More substantial  inside

Crowding my “friend” out


The new friend is me

With definition

With shadows of goals

With soothings of Peace


My friend is not gone

But resting aside

Tired from energy

Constantly spent


My loneliness wants peace


And so….


I have risen like the phoenix

From some kind of hell

From life

A life

Of tidal rhythms


I have wandered through

And peered at

The inner walls

Of my soul


I have laid bare

My shortcomings

My block

My lacks


Unto myself I revealed

And others

My discoveries

Of truth


I journeyed into that darkness

And the journey brought the light


I released my own imprisonment

Of fears and delight


In blessed times it unfolds

In earnest I proceed

To find my own soul

To set it free


Then I see the openings

My reason for life

My creativity

In my own rights


My life of bliss

Is free and calm

Is full in the middle

Exansive and boundless


My journey never over

Has brought me back to life

Has opened my mind

My heart

My eyes


I still hunger for clarity

Freedom and joy

I seek peace

And more peace


And peace some more


I journey to beauty

An eloquence there

A  Knowing

A center

Of Grace

Calmly held secured


It is of Grace I want to walk

In Grace I seek to be.


Of my  burgeoning soul’s worth

To be free


Grounded, anchored, solid

In its source

Is it nothing, is it all?

It is hunger no more


For it resides in me

The love of life

A power  unleashed

In its peace


It Rambles through

It settles and Homes

It rests and aches

It Relinquishes forces


Power of the Divine

Of light

Of love and Peace

It Spirals out

And collects magnetically


It Wheels around

It pushes toward

Its vortex

Is infusing




It hones in essence

It balms and soothes

Its force is bewildering

Inside of empty muse


It beckons at the pain

By tugging at its core

Revealing the hurts

By wake of their absence


It is endless

It is more than endless

It is bursting in its

Gentle rhythms a wash



A tangible force

it is unrelenting

It is Home

It is ALL




I want to learn

to live there


Patricia Marie Babin  1990”s

How can I tell anyone who I am, and desperately need to,

What would a world be without; Judgments, Anger, Hate or Fears;

Without Loneliness, Jealousy and Envy; without Bragging, Competing, or Complaining?

If you can think of those feelings as sour notes in music, it is easy to “read” your feelings about goodness. About all things or wanted or hoped for and on and on.  I will teach how to balance feelings and thoughts this way as was always the way, and find joy and freedom in you again, in union of all, all around the world the same. So easy, and we have just begun. It gets amazing from here as a foundation for all to stand on.  Freedom and laughter, sacred and holy, creative and fun etc.-- for all good feelings to guide you. Based on Gratitude for Life and where it comes from—standing on Peace at all times.

Therefore, what would a beautiful song sound like?

Of the flowers, so beautiful, often simple or lovely, peace in stillness, of the spirit of the child you were or meant to be, sweet and freely loved for who your truly are inside—speaks in your emotions constantly in whispers of wants unheard in you.

What of a child, anywhere in the world, where to hand you a flower, from their loving heart to yours. Just for you.

Or an animal, trying to speak, in silent wisdom, to help you feel the Nourishing Wisdom of No Conflicts in them.  Or you may say Angelic. Do you realize they are doing this for you?  They speak constantly like you do. More than you think, you are heard in your souls wants and hopes, wishes, tears, laughter, prayers.  Forever in my heart I have this. I am your Mother.

As you thinketh you become, is freely of Great Answers for you, and all others, for me.

I love all Life, as Creation was meant to be. Living by God; is so rich and free in cherishment of all life.  Endearing by my heart, you are of my Heart, all Hearts.

I am of freedom, that means caring for all of life. I would not be free in my heart without that caring spirit of love for all to be well.

I need the same caring of love around me from you my loves. I need you, we all need each other.  I want you to feel what you once had and will have again, without any complaints or confusion. It is so simple--It is not of any conflicts. So simple and clear.

In Great Love

Your Mother Patricia Marie Babin