Art and Literature of mine. I have been writing for decades and it reveals I knew things inhererantly that deeply touch my soul.

In Loving Kindness and of a "Length Existence" I give you my heart and soul on these pages.

Of the Roses,

 Through the Ages,

Of my Heart

So Dear.


The Bouquet of all the colors

Collected of all the years


The ever presence of my freedom

Vastly Cast there upon


All the children and animals

Is my Eternal Song


The loving strength

Within me returning

Form what was “Not”


 Is …


Of Heaven and Earth

In rapture of love nearly 



“I am” is…

I am

Patricia Marie Babin   5-26-17

  Silky Morning


Silky Morning

  It is in the air

Dusty light  

  Touches the skin

En vel opes in surround

around me…


Ah! Moments like these…

  My mind flows with this air.


Upon the rise Of Morning.,.

 of many years,              (99443-- just a note: this # somehow managed to get on this page)

I developed ...

  My “Chair of the Self”,

 my privacy time.


Carved out of?

 Constant needs upon me.


My heart place,

  A Sanctuary

At the break of dawn,

 with Coffee,

  In Seasons of Warmth

Or Cold.

Why Coffee?

My sacred time.


Miracles I unfold, as I hold…

This cup of coffee,

 And release to the Self.

The self I long and hunger for.

I long for my path, from a life time of ...

a sense inside myself, 

of illogical worthlessness


it felt like a mountain,

 a mountain within me,

I needed to climb,



to see what  I could not see

so unclear,

 so uncomfortable,

 calling me upwards


who was calling in me?

to clear air?

to clean air?

I found it all by listening ...

Within me

 sensing and seeing,

deeply within myself,

while at…



With coffee in my cup

Or tea…


 The birds,

The gulls, at sunrise singing,

 Sunlight lights up their underbellies

 To… amber glow


Their soprano song, calls into the break of dawn…

I rest into myself.

Of Many meditations deep with worth,

 Gave visions of who I am,

 gave physical reverberations

of radiance back into my body,

and …


 Peace so Strong


I would not move for hours

to absorb it back inside

so natural--...

Replacing emptiness,

so unnatural 

"Uneventful Miracles".

surrounded my life,


 moment to moment,

“naturally” occurring,

 filling the void.

Why Uneventful Miracles?

 I am of silence for too long

 and alone.


And still I hold this cup of coffee,

 and ponder

 as freely as possible

in any given moment..

Then for the first time

On top of that "mountain"

within me.

I look around…

Without anyone obstructing my view,

Or shutting my spirit,

 as my breath, or eyes.

I’ll have a clear view.

I found in a blink, who I was.

 found all the children within me,

 the Universe.

 I have a natural knowledge,

that opens into pIace.

As though I always knew,

that there is a Casem within my body,

of the Universe…

of the children…

of the animals…

the truth of this suddenly and softly reawakened. 


  My own needs?


 Peace and rest

 Happy and free as an artist,


at the sea.


 My natural song of love and beauty frees me

Therefore the children

Otherwise, to Ponder 




The Sea


it takes the overload,

 it’s strong loving silences of” Home”

Strength in all it’s character is my heart.


 How to be fully who I am. 

Nearly every minute,

how to be myself?


Freely and at peace,

On Earth

 as Earth was meant to be


I need to be at Sea.

 Volumes of Peace

awaits there.

for me …


I need…


Abundance to build at the sea.

 “My heart beat of the world”.

My home of peace and freedom,

to reflect into the world.

My children's home

Of My Heart. 

Oh it is in the air

On coffee


Yet— Still, not appreciated,

 And expected to save the world.


With what --they left me nothing. 


and still...


 this steady consistent need is upon me,

 an over load within

and around,

that never stops.

What has shut in you, to save yourselves?


 On and on…

I became

And still I hold for you…

A bit longer


Why the misuse of the very radiance that gives life?



 Me. What is most deeply personal? 

The self, of body, of mind, of heart, of my soul,

 that I am

and nearly lost –


No “I am” is a sacred statement


  So why, I am ignored, insulted and neglected,

Is truly beyond me.



  The very ones I am sustaining life for.





Yet, some of the children are so dear

   They take this, too much to heart,

These are the ones I need most,

 the reason I held on to life.

Precious and caring,

who love in truth, in ease.


​  THE “children” be human or animal,

Are very real under my “robe”-

 very real.


   I never get rest or peace,

That I need it to live.

   Yes live,


   While the ones who should take it to heart,

 Berate and belittle me and therefore themselves.

  The truth is unspoken from the people

 All over the world.

   32,000 years of 2 million years that you are,

 have been unspoken. 

 I am

One of truth.

Year after years.

I uncover  relief

Strength and wisdom,

Of non-conflicted Peace,

As my core.

That I am

On silky morning,

On coffee…

 It is in the air.

Through the ages,

I developed…

Softer tones

Ballet, poetry, pottery

Sculpture, Paintings

Building Bridges, and

Loving at Sea

God Softer, yet…

Can thunder ….

In me.

Light angels at my side

Through the ages,

 Lifetimes through time,

and ever at my desk.


All those voices will now be heard,

 Long past timeless,

ancient days, to the Now.

On…a Silky Morning, with coffee,

On tones of Grace

"Row the Boat Odessa"

Effortless Sea

"There are

No waves Odessa".

That was, what was meant to be,

Lasted all of 2 years

Then what was planted to unrest “The Three”?

There is only one truth,

As ever was in history.


 Just Intrigue in the

God room… of light and air,

 Is all-- that is near…

My heart


God offers only

 One reality,

There is no other truth,

In the corridor,

The God room,

 The miraculous realms,


I opened again and once more on Earth

with all that I am

 with all I am connected to…

 You are my miracles, my children, under my “robe”—

Now again, have God,

 In the here and now…on Earth

Of Light and Air

When first Born as Odessa,

Centuries ago

Born the One Waited for,

on a Soft  Morning

Complete and even

All from the night before

Of Even-Royal Crown

Of Pride and Power

Of Beingness in The Realm

Effortless Beingness,

is God’s truth.

God’s one reality,

the long awaited plan…


Heaven thought all was untangled.

 Yet on…

 I became many people,

 again and again,

Always carrying the unnecessary overload,

Needed to hold and gather,

To get you all home.


​Why were you ever lost?

Why did I return over and over

 to carry you?

Why was I nearly lost?

How did I hold on?

Why would there have been one lost Heart?


And there I am, here I am



Constantly to express God

 all over the world,


One thread of truth


In all religions,

 or not of religions at all.



Do animals,

 Does the environment,

 have religions?

What happened to the people,

the animals

 the earth?


without actual history

 what would a religion be of?


What of the simple and completeness of







“Freedom” born of “Wellbeing” for all






Thus the truth in history

 will be now revealed,

To trumpet the land

 Of Ancient voices of Elders unheard.


Always the attempt,

to sanctify and renew the plan,

to save the children.

 Time and time again.  

Also of this time now.


​ and so… I sit with inner vision

On both sides of it all now.



And why alone after all those years?



Ballet, Boats

Simple tones,

of Picasso or…

Fresco of Angelo

Why soft tones of Angelo?

Why soft tones of Fresco?

To Bring Christ story

To the garden

Softer for God,

With Tones of Grace

Expanse of Sea

Grey Sea; Green or Azure.

The Volumous, Vacant Sea

Embraces me…

 with Spare Wonder

All through the Ages on Earth,

Of canyon, of prairie, of river,

Of Forests of Time

Mountains Majestic,

I walked them, climbed them

all the time.

Yet, now I look for the Ones

That fall to the sea.

It’s expanse frees me

But Moses –of this time,

of Odessa now,

 of Gaia, all of Myself,

the Union I am of Seven -

but oh so much more,


 there was no peace unless I climbed 

Deep inside I cried, long on even tones,


 only when I felt help from “Home”


Hopeless and despair when I felt alone.


Childs tears,

adult tears in these years—

this heart, this breath I breathe,


these hands, cupping the warmth, in this cup …


 this; coffee.

It holds Peace as I sit with my silence; 


What unnaturalness would this be?

That I had to climb to myself,

I climbed all the time.

I hungered for “home” my comfort zone,




Did I learned why,

 I am unknown?

I called, with all my Heart—called all the time

All my now breathe, my now life

-all lifelong.

To finally take a breath of deep air.

 I found them all, the family

In the Realms of Light,

Up there...

and within me so Dear

All on silky Morning

 with coffee… and air.

The curtains blow softly on the window sill

The breeze calls “You are Christ”. 

In my name there is completeness,



And on…

all through the ages

 older than Heaven itself

Of extra calm and ease

The moment softly fills me with relief.

My heart, my mind, my soul.

I know without knowing,

and the void fills within.

On top of that "mountain"

Turned out to be real, a space within my soul

that is of the mind, heart and soul

 for all to climb

 to God within themselves—animals too

 and find deep worth

 and insight

 old family and freedom,

fun and laughter

Cherisment and forever together


 look around…

Without anyone obstructing your view,

Or shutting your spirit,

 or breath, or eyes.

And have a clear view.


— I am Mother of All,

 is like a whisper.


And finally…

 I breathe more naturally.

All life is tied to my body by light,

by radiance...and


 I was nearly lost of myself?

What irony would this be?


My children, how did I fall that low,

and how did I lift up alone without you?

How does “He”, feel about this?

How do “The Elders” feel about this at “Home”?


Aching for the children to be in their arms naturally.


Everyone who has ever lived,

Lives… unless they shut themselves Off,

Yet consciousness continues


Can you imagine …

Hearing every call and cry of each soul?

Persons or animals…each one is precious.

 We, they, are wanting to be heard in return of their call,

 to embrace each one.

That is you


Yes and more,

 is as…


I am still reaching for… My truth,

My balance and my comfort;

 My logic.

 On and on to my own worth--myself

A clear vision—of softer tones of understanding.

Of who I am…To be in solid peace and comfort

 at the sea

Will put me back

 to all I am and ever was.


Yes, softer tones

 of Vastness…


All through the ages,

All of who I am

With this coffee in my cup;

Personal Peace is in my hands.

To softly know myself,

 my call,

my answers—and finally,                                  

after decades of confusion and deep sadness,

Be Free.




I still Don't

I still  Do Not -

Know why I could not be myself,

for thousands of years.

And have my own personal path on earth,...


With All Of You

That time is now or never .

 and...what or who is contained in "My" or "Mine"?

You my Dears, my animals and my Earth

My Dear Ones in our Universe.

 Everything else non-human,

 will shut after Centuries of fractured light,

Mirrored in the Hearts and Souls of All.

All that was calling in me

It lies deep within, aching for freedom, for relief—

all my life long..

For my natural truth to balance,

 ever so personal to me.


What was nearly shut?

Seek it from within, from Home,

OLD and NEW​ light from above.



I sigh, a deep breath, 

I pause to collect…

Eclectic oldest soul—is me.

 Of many I been,  

Of the Essence I cascade of life Itself, 

In the Holy Union of Seven most freely...


Oh my…what a window of effort

To this point here.

My answers turned out to be,

Of ALL Life-- eternity,

 in me.

Perchance to breath,

from God above,

 from God within,

all through the ages

A pause—

Yes, a pause,


On Silky Morning,

with coffee and air.

Dusty light of en vel oped  Peace.


 My story?

What a hard climb

It has been,

 A steady burdened climb

Carrying eternities load, on my back.—

up that mountain,


Oh, Yes...

And driven, yes.

 Unknown by others eyes?


I wonder.

Always alone in my effort of caring,

of carrying

the souls of the universe,

in unnatural silences


I’d rise up, and get knocked down-

 I stopped trying to be me,

I was frozen inside,

 under a blanket of darkness,

 Abraham, why was this needed for the children?

What became so necessary, all through the ages?

Why I had to carry it all?

To protect and get them safely home .

With unnatural silences—

filling the air all my years…

 Then finally…

Replaced the emptiness


Meditated the

Spirit of myself, into me

Of radiance,

of deep vibrations of replacement within,

of balance--absorbed in bliss


Of walking back into my own self,

 My own cells in my body still ache,

still aching for loving honor,

 without so much as a hint in my childhood of it— 


then why would I ache for something I never experienced?

When I actually felt like a burden,



to not express my love, and joyful spirit for many years,

I felt the world hated me,

 (a feeling incomprehensible to me)

felt ugly,

that I should not reach for others in any way.

 Should NOT reach for others?


Myself importance?

 I had none.

And yet,

 Oh so responsible for the souls of the Universe.


Silent truth calls,

 and still I ache for my personal freedom of SELF

I am naturally calling within myself for it—

The Honor of deep truth of Love


Why the soft personal call for honor,


Un-abiding Love?


Truth is truth.  

 I am 

I am that which I come from. 

Of Love and Freedom Devine

Of Caring and Wisdom 

Of Heart and Soul 

Of Life Eternal 

Of Joy and Strength

Carrying the Souls of the Universe


I am that which I come from


Love so strong, it surrounds and Enfolds .

Of Peace so tangible, it calls...

all who are alive.

to it.

 a Reverberation of Energy that Enfolds

Clear Calm Truth. 

Of Gentle and Genuine Kindness

in constant

Freedom of All That Is. 


I am that which I come from...

Nothing else. 

Or I am not complete, nor comfortable 


I come from that which I am.

Nothing less is of the Light,

nor is Right.

Who denied my rights?

What did that gain anyone?

I am Mother of Life --

You flow from,

This that I come from.


With all of this said, and much more to explore.


Do you wonder how I made it?


So much more to say

But…of the Purest  love on Earth…


Who held and gave me pure love…


 Love in pure light?

Of consistency in caring-

Of love proclaimed.


God’s creatures the animals.

 gave to me,

 therefore all of you…

My air…

unconditional love.


No burden was I to them, ironically I say.

Why would I ever be a burden to anyone?

 What Truth be here?

What was planted to unrest me,

 therefore you?

 What was in the children to unrest me?

What did the animals save in me,

 therefore you?

Through the ages

All on a silky morning


Of fresco

 of pale Softer tones

 of greens,

 And pale tones

Of blues and coral…

 soft tones,of yellow.


Of white in opulence

Containing them all.

On refreshment now,

 in these years

I can barely see…

That I had washed the souls cleaner,

as awareness unfolded within me.


By climbing that mountain within,

of my inner sense,

of every moment I lived,,,

till my spirit is back in me...

Then I found...  my work had just begun,

 I had the entire Universe to balance.

Like the most natural thing there could be,


 You don’t know what I see.

What “walking back into myself”

 Means to me,

 And why I call it such


Is also of centuries of that effort to

Sanctify the plan

For the children

What has been in all those centuries

 my loves?


Of my own efforts turned in vane

Of the children who have not been allowed

Of the many lost ones I ache for even now

For the volumes of all of this within my body…


All personal to the girl I was

 and the woman I am

Inside of me, I am not empty now,

Yet for most of my life,

I felt like a ghost to myself.

 I was empty and lost and alone.



Softly calm, in natural order, is all I allow

How do you produce calm and soft

 Strength and freedom

In the

midst of a world,

 such as it is--- upon my very being?



What happened to the World,

 because of this upon me?


My entire life long

and each lifetime along the way

 for 32,000 years.


Is of great comfort when attained from “Home”




Is of great discomfort

 in constant thanklessness of the children,


Is of constant lost rights,ignorance and

 mis-truths and outright lies

 pressed upon Me,


 unnaturally in many children

affecting my health, my heart,

the very worth of truth; that I am






Peace and all spelendor of Rapture…


 It is needed to pull effortlessly,

there the power of my freedom reins.


I bow to the sea, and it bows to me

 It is visible to see,

happens time and again.


I create rainbows and tri-jectures of light.  

 3 Suns,

predicted 3 different times                                                                                                                                        I


I soften or stop unsettled weather, it changes quickly;

 unrest be it's cause.  


Of some brown water---

  I clear in an instant.


Created wind so strong it knocked trees over

and hushed it as quickly in a moment, as I was “called” to do.

simply by holding a dream in my heart,

of having what is long over due for me—




"knocking the door open" and I shut it as quickly

As I was “called” to do so.

 High Wind to Calm in minutes

I bring stillness to the ground,

the silence is audible, tangible—


The animals speak—

A long awaited gift returned,


And what did I find?

In the anilmals the birds?

 They have been stunned in my presence,

and that stunned me.


That is how unnatural things became—

Here on Earth

they are healing, and less astonished.



​I found a sign of the healing of earth,

 in one mountain dirt road with fields.

The birds that flew around me,

sounded delighted

 chirped and sang of my presence with joy

I laughed so.


I sing with volumes... of the heavenly realm, anyone can be heard,

living or not,

 as they are allowed and chosen--

to come right through


I have crossed the sands

Where were you?


We nearly lost everything 

 several times--

and still we sit unnaturally--

till I am free    

Silky morning

Picasso, Michael Angelo

Ballet, Italian opera,

and much more to re-explore…

This is my air, my fresh air.

My Personal Peace, is so rare.

I see clear and feel the light

Have no fears,

I know who I am

Oh! It is in the air

On coffee ...

And then?

I birthed the passion for life.

 I became aware of simplicity and truth,

 by measure of wellbeing.

For all souls.

 I became an artist,

under fire by eternities load.


Never ending nor subsiding needs upon me,

often unnatural in tones of anger,

 and other negatives toward me,

by surround.


Patiently teaching and reaching

 for sustainably,

is to attach your mind to your heart and soul.

by cherishment; for all of earth.


This Is an enormous job alone,

yet rather familiar instinctively to me


and still nothing to build with at sea.

As you do not want me to have what is mine?

That includes you.



 Not appreciated nor heard,

I still birthed the painter in me,

 the artist of writer and poet and singer.

All while I could barely have one moments peace

 for my own mind and soul



I started a book

 or two or three.

All on the passion for life.


  I Am

Your Mother

by Patriicia Marie Babin

* * * * * * * * * * *

“She is of the heart,

And if you want to be with her,

Go to your own heart

She sings the song of the trees.

The wind carries her name,

And the song is a beautiful joy

If you choose to listen,

For listening is peace,

And peace is God.”

 This verse was Clearly heard by myself at my Mother's Wake-- Phyllis Bartlett Babin Irivin 8-10-2003, while standing beside her casket, I recently learned It was meant for me.


I found in a blink, who I was.

 found all the children within me,

 the Universe.

 I have a natural knowledge,

that opens into pIace.

As though I always knew,

that there is a Casem within my body,

of the Universe…

of the children…

of the animals…

the truth of this suddenly and softly reawakened